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Great Service

We love Max! He does a great job with our pool. I would recommend his service to anyone.



HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRUST, RELIABLE!!! I have been a client for 2yrs Now. Max has proven to me that his work does indeed follow those adjectives used to describe his company and then some!!! I would like to add a another important adjective to that list… ACCOUNTABLE. In my line of work I come across A LOT of ppl, most of them say they are going to do something and never follow through or does something entirely different. Then when questioned about it are quick to make excuses or “pass the buck” if you will. Max is NOT one those types of ppl!!! Anyway… that is my “two cents”. Max, AWESOME work, keep it up! Good things will come of it.


Found The Best

Just had to say they are the best and price wise is unbeatable! One of my pipes was leaking, so we turned the pump off for about a week before I found Max to come out.(Don’t think I need to say what my pool looked like by then) He gave me a great repair quote and made my pool sparkle clean!Another pool service had came out quoted me 3 times the price said he’d be back and never returned (Scott Travis pool service). I have a set date and time and has not missed once, always answers my phone calls and my questions! No need to look any further!


Superior Service

Freezing Lakes Pool Service is simply the best pool service in the Las Vegas area. Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable and the rates are reasonable.


Great Customer Service

On time, very professional, great service. Thanks guys!


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