Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Las Vegas

Freezing Lakes Pool Services is known in Las Vegas for pool maintenance services. For more information regarding our pool cleaning and maintenance services, please contact us at 702-417-5681. We would be very glad to be of help in your pool repair or maintenance needs. Our staff would courteously Let us be of help to you. Try the services that we have to offer and we assure you that our employees would only leave you satisfied with your pools left in perfect condition so that it is now safe for you and your family to swim in.

We are well aware that keeping a swimming pool clean is a tedious job and has to be done on a regular basis. Thus, we have thought of servicing residences and commercial establishments for their pool cleaning and repair needs. From pH balancing to chlorine and chemical treatment to cleaning pump and skimmer baskets, steps, walls and tiles, we ensure sanitation and safety for your pools. Also, our employees are very responsible. They come on time and finish the job on time so you do not have to worry with your other obligations that may come after the cleaning service is done. First we conduct a thorough inspection of your pools then we search the area for any pollutants or irritants that may have contaminated your water and skim through the pump and skimmer baskets and surfaces for those grime and dirt that have accumulated. Then we do the thorough cleaning of your pools.

In Las Vegas, pool maintenance need not be expensive. One only needs to have the right pool service provider to contact. Freezing Lakes Pool Services do not merely market our services; we actually do it as our way of ensuring a healthy swimming lifestyle for the residents of Las Vegas. It is also our advocacy to help eliminate bacteria that cause certain diseases plaguing mankind now. We are aware of the various diseases plaguing the world today due to these harmful microorganisms. We also know that swimming is such a great part of the lifestyle of Las Vegas residents especially during summer. So we have especially thought of ensuring health and safety standards in our operations. Pool maintenance has now become a necessity for pool owners because of these factors that might threaten you and your family’s health. It would not hurt to add pool maintenance on your regular expenses if your family’s health is on the line.

We are also known in Las Vegas for our expertise on pool repair. We also do pool heater installation and repair. We do replacements for plumbing, skimmers, and filters. We do repairs on pool pumps, motors, and pool heaters. For these specific needs, you can trust Freezing Lakes Pool Services to do them for you – all at reasonable rates.

Do not miss the chance of experiencing a safe and sanitized pool for your family. Dial the numbers you see on your screen right now and be at peace with our excellent pool services. Call us now.