Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Services

Swimming pools is a great place to relax and keep cool during a hot day. Freezing Lakes Pools is a company that keeps your pool pristine and safe for your convenience and relaxation. We provide the city of Las Vegas pool maintenance services that guarantee a hassle-free time when you feel like taking a dip or swim in the pool. Enjoy the cool and safe pool water maintained by Freezing Lakes Pools.

To keep that swimming pool on top condition it is vital to have pool cleaning and maintenance. Pool water gets its daily share of pollutants; these are either from the environment or carried by the swimmers into the water. Removing these pollutants is one of the processes included in our Las Vegas pool cleaning. Some of these pollutants are spores, bacteria, leaves, pollen, sweat, urine bacteria, viruses, and lotions residues. After removing these unwanted dirt from the pool water, the adjustment of the pool water chemical balance is done. In this process the pH and the chlorine levels are checked and balanced to make the pool water safer to swim in.

Freezing Lakes Pools also offer chlorine and acid washing for your pools. Chlorine and acid washing is a process involving the stripping an insignificant layer of vinyl to expose a fresh plaster beneath, making the appearance look better. This is a good process to do with the pool have already turned “swamp” like because of the algae stains.

From pool maintenance and chlorine and acid washing, Freezing Lakes Pools also offer pool equipment installation, replacement and repair. Since our company is aware how important it is for you to have a well functioning pool we have pool services and repair to make sure that the pool is in its top condition. We offer filter cleaning and replacement. Filters play a very important role of catching contaminants like dust, pollen, leaves and bacteria. We also offer services concerning pool pumps and motor repair. The pool pump is considered to be the heart of the pool system, without it pool water will not be drawn back and pushed into the pool. In an equal professional service we also offer plumbing and skimmer replacement.

When it comes to swimming pools, Freezing Lakes Pools knows what is best and we provide quality services that keep your pool in good condition. We are all about giving the top services so you can get that quality time and relaxation you want from the time you spend in the pool. For your swimming pools in Las Vegas, you can count on Freezing Lakes Pools. Give us a call and you’re guaranteed to have that pristine pool you want and need.