About Us

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Freezing Lakes Pools, a company who is offering pool cleaning and maintenance have been in the business since 1997. Our years of service speak of our professionalism and knowledge about swimming pools. We understand the importance of keeping everything in check so you can enjoy a perfect swim in your clean and safe pool. We truly understand the importance of a pristine pool for homes. Freezing Lakes Pools believe that a clean and well-maintained pool enhances your house and property. For hotels, condos and apartments, a clean pool is a plus to your reputation.

We have been cleaning and maintaining the pools in Las Vegas for residential use. Las Vegas is famously known for being the major resort city, earning the title “Entertainment Capital of the World”. This famous city is flooded with casino resorts, hotels and shopping establishments. For most Las Vegas hotels, a swimming pool is a necessity because of the relaxation associated with swimming. With the year-round abundance of sunshine in Las Vegas, pools help the visitors and residents to be cool by taking a dip in the pool. Freezing Lakes Pools is the perfect Las Vegas swimming pool maintenance.

Many think that having a pool is easy because of the ease one feels when taking a swim; however, there is more to having a pool. After the repair and installation, we also provide maintenance for the said equipment. Our team of professionals also checks and adjusts chemicals levels to give the pool water the right treatment. Over-treatment and Under-treatment both have unpleasant effects. The improper pool water treatment leads to eye and skin irritation and even diarrhea.

Our company does not only rely on the number of years and knowledge that we have. Like technology which is constantly changing and improving, we are also dedicated in researching new and scientifically-tested products to keep that pool free from waterborne irritation and diseases from microorganisms or pathogens. We are also known to have a “no tears “treatment system that has been carefully studied and researched for the benefit of our clients. These are only a few of our ways to show our dedication to our jobs.

For a pristine and a safe pool, Freezing Lakes Pools is at your service. Experience a well-researched and scientifically-tested pool treatment. Enjoy that cooling dip in a clean and well-maintained swimming pool. We keep your pool on top condition for your relaxation. Contact us now!